Vedic Maths

What is Vedic Maths ?

Vedic maths is a zero error technique and this takes care of the very root of the phobia of mathematics.The ancient Indian scriptures called Vedas are a store house of knowledge of every field including maths and Science.Through this system of mathematics every mathematical problem no matter how difficult can be solved faster and easily without much effort.The system is called high speed vedic mathematics and this is the secret to the distinguished edge of the Indians in mathematics over the centuries.

Arithemetic problems which usually takes 15 to 20 steps to solve, can be solved in a few lines.The course is quite useful for the students in competitive examinations, because it gives them powerful tool of analysis, logic, speed and accuracy in solving problems.

Vedic mathematics is based on simplification of all arithmetic operations through some highly researched sutras. The aim of Vedic Mathematics is to ensure that student can carry out any type of arithmetic operations with much ease, accuracy and speed. However for understanding mental arithmetic based on vedic mathematics, the age group of student is 13 years above. Students trained to understand and quickly select the most efficient technique to solve the problem in the least time. This technique is very useful for competitive examinations like IIT-JEE, CAT,UPCE, etc where speed and accuracy are the prime requirements.

Course details

  • 13 years and above
  • 2 levels - Basic and advanced
  • 6 months per level
  • 1 class per week of 2 hours


Any person can learn vedic mathematics and improve his numerical abilities. It helps the students not only inside the classroom or traditional academics, but it also enhance their IQ by incressing their analytical skills and thought processes. This happens because the system is very coherent and intuitive and uses both sides of the brain thereby giving the learner the winning edge.