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What is ?

(Universal concept mental arithmetic system)is an international concept and it was developed from "ZHUSUAN methodology" that originated in China.

mental arithmetic system is a modern representation of an ancient art of mental maths. uses the ancient tool, Abacus for the right brain development―"the seat of Intelligence", contributing in a large measure to increased speed and accuracy, learning ability, concentration, perceptual capability, photographic memory skills, which automatically results in student`s better performance in academic subjects.

Arithemetic is extremely important for building up a solid academic foundation for children. It is an internationally well known powerful mental development program which will effectively activate childs latent mental power and develope their utmost in photographic memory and mental and creative skills resulting in self reliance and self confidence.

is present in 74 countries across the world. In India, we operate through a network of 5000+ centres. Over 5,00,000 children are being trained at various levels in India.

Our training-systems for children as well as teachers-are widely acclaimed.The huge number of centres and students is a testimony to this fact.

We at are committed to provide the best Abacus education available with the sole objective of helping children.

Course details

  • 30 months program
  • 8 terms
  • 12 - 16 classes per term
  • 1 class once a week for 2 hours
  • Batch Size 15 to 20 students
  • After the school hours
  • Does not clash with school curriculum




Since is a brain development program with emphasis on speed and accuracy, children get trained for immense concentration in the classroom sessions. One second of lost concentration will get them a wrong answer and hence they form the constant habit focusing on verbal number instructions, flashing of cards and visual reading of numbers done by their instructors.



is a unique program that builds the observation power within a child. Quizzing children on flash cards, trains them to build on observation skills. With the emphasis on rapid image recognition and calculation with the abacus, the brain behaves like a scanner, which scans the surroundings and follows the hand-eye coordination thus makes a child more observant.



In program, children are required to retain in the brain-when speedy calculations are required to be done, when numbers are either spoken out or cards are flashed, the child has to quickly identify the image and recall the corresponding number that has been retained in the brain. This process makes memory sharp and stay with the child throughout his/her life.



For proper imagination it is required to have a well developed visualization ability and triggering both sides of the brain is essential especially the right side of the brain which is the visual brain. Abacus is a tool that uses both hand operations which in turn helps trigger the right brain cells. Added to this the quick mental calculation the child needs to do in this programme.



Creativity stems from a highly imaginative well-developed brain. In the program, most of the calculation and finger movements are done by the left hand, which is controlled by the right side of the brain. So, more the left hand movement the more it ensures the development of right brain. This enables students to develop their creative skills.



Judgment requires a balanced understanding of perspectives and context of a particular subject. enhances creativity and imagination which helps analyze the vision and perspective engaging right side of the brain. The program also enhances observation and memory to understand logically and analyze the situation, strongly engaging left side of brain. This balanced approach ensures a good sense of judgment within a child.



Application is the art of understanding a situation or a context and then applying your wisdom and knowledge to give a better meaning to the situation. Comprehending and analyzing with a good judgment and a well-balanced brain will help a child enhance his/ her application skills.



To reason about anything or with anyone, you require a well-balanced, logical and analytical brain. The program constantly triggers both sides of the brain by training children on the abacus and mental math. With tools like flash cards and techniques like jumbled dictation, speedwriting, etc.



A child's self-confidance becomes very high when as he/she becomes outstanding and people start recognizing the child's unique capabilities. With exceptionally strong memory, powerful focus, concentration power and with enhanced arithmetic skills, high accuracy and speed gives a boost to the child's confidence.