Its the underlying structure of the world which we see in patterns, shapes, quantities and intelligent guesses.

Why do we need it? We need to understand the concepts of numbers and quantities when we bake cakes, or decorate a room. We see patterns in art and music. Businesses need to make intelligent estimates of how much something is going to cost, how many people need their products, how fast it is going to sell. We need to keep track of our bank account and ensure we do not spend more than our income.

Unfortunately the modern system of arithmetic does not stress on learning Mathematics by pattern recognition and hence it becomes uninteresting and painful to children.

Mental arithmetic is a form of training which deals with carrying out arithmetic operations without the use of calculator or even paper / pencil.

Abacus is a Chinese calculator consisting of beads.The concept of mental arithmetic based on Abacus is useful for children as it is easy for them in the brain development stage to practice on Abacus and after sometime they don't think about numbers but they convert numbers into Abacus beads and perform mental operations and again convert beads back to number and give answer with amazing speed and accuracy.This method has been found effective for children of the age group 6 to 13 years.
For students who have surpassed this age vedic maths is useful as this method emphasis on understanding and quickly selecting the most efficient technique to solve the problem in the least time.

It will help the child perform mental calculations quickly and accurately.

It helps to expand mental capacity and develop skills such as multitasking, time management,memory, concentration and problem solving skills which are crucial to success in all areas of study and in daily life.

A student should be able to read and write 1 to 100 Numbers in English.

Once in a week for 2 hours.

Weekends/ After School hours

15-20 students per batch.

No. It is a whole brain development program and does not clash with school curriculum.

Everyday Practice of 15-20 minutes is highly recommended to get best results

8 levels, followed by grand level 1 and grand level 2

A child who completes all the 8 levels with successfully and passes the IGE Grade-3

IGE is the ‘International Grading Exam’ conducted once in a year by the global head office (KL-Malaysia)

Vedic Maths aims to ensure that the students can carry out any type of arrithemetic operations with much ease, accuracy and speed.

It helps the students to do the calculations very fast in the competitive exams

2 levels.

  1. Basic
  2. Advanced

6 months are required per level. 2hrs/ week